J P Elliott carry out many concept designs for all different types of projects. As part of our service, we can offer our expert advice and knowledge as to the feasibility of any project once instructed to do so. 


As key for many projects, J P Elliott carry out our own measured surveys at a time to suit any of our clients. We understand all clients have busy schedules and so we can work at times to suit you. 


Using our professional knowledge and experience, we aim to provide an extensive production of information at the early stages of any projects. This will typically include carrying out relevant research to determine the feasibility and liklihood of success. Our goal is to provide each client with a clear understanding of the project proposals and the feasibility of the project prior to them investing significant time and money.


Our production of information for feasibility is usually then submitted to the local planning authority for Pre-application Advice, as to determine an indication on how the proposals shall be received.


At J P Elliott we are aware of the growing demand for 3D visuals in the concept stages of design. We are currently working with the latest Audodesk Revit software which allow us to create construction models in 3D form. From this we can then produce 3D Realistic Renders or progress the model to create fully detailed drawings from the 3D Model. 


Concept Design