Construction Phase

At J P Elliott, our main focus on design and coordination is both client satisfaction and buildability of the project. We believe that all designs, both large and small should always be designed with the on-site buildability implimented throughout the design. 


As part of our design packages, we ensure that the appropriate coordination is always maintained with contractors and manufacturers alike, in order to provide a smooth transition from design to construction phase. 


We offer a single solution by providing both construction and technical drawings, as well as on-site coordination and project management. 


Where appointed, J P Elliott will work closely with the contractor or local builder to ensure a well delivered project that meets both client expectations and design compliance in every aspect of the build. 


Where appointed, our duties will include but not limited to;


  • Production of construction drawings, including any necessary plans, elevations, details, sections, notes and documentation to provide the contractor with a thorough set of information in order to produce a final compliant build.


  • Obtaining a quotations, and appointment to contractors, manufacturers and builders where relevant.


  • Providing on site coordination between all trades to ensure minimal disruption and clash through the construction phase. 


  • Liaising with both building control and the client to provide a fully compliant and signed off project that meets all relevant standards. 


  • Producing a final build quality that to the clients requirement throughout the build. 






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